Facebook Tests Downvote Button for Marking Inappropriate Comments

Published Date : Feb 09, 2018

With several requests sent by users to Facebook for inputting an action marking inappropriate posts, the king of social media has finally begun testing a downvote button. This testing is being carried out in a limited manner by Facebook on specific comments typed on public posts.

The Arrival of Downvoting – Boon or a Bane?

As per a spokesperson from Facebook, the agenda behind creating a downvoting button is to form an interactive medium between people in order to inform Facebook about inappropriate, offensive, and vulgar comments. Rather, according to Facebook, this is a brilliant idea of indicating the presence of comments wherein some kind of censorship could be implemented. The spokesperson went on to explain how the downvoting feature could help people give valuable feedback to Facebook’s moderators and editors, who need to keep a sharp eye on any offensive comments and content being posted.

For a short time, the testing is being done for selective people only in the United States. From visual aspect, the downvoting button is placed just beside the ‘reply’ button under the comment, which is further preceded by the ‘like’ button. After the downvoting button is tapped, several options are displayed such as ‘Offensive’, ‘Off Topic’, and ‘Misleading’. After people have clicked on these options, the output would be received by Facebook. After a careful analysis is done, Facebook will make a decision whether the comment is really offensive, is in the form of a fake news, or is directly irrelevant to the ongoing discussion. A hide button already exists for comments, which itself is hidden behind a drop-down arrow situated on the space surrounding the comment. As per Facebook’s explanations, this test won’t have any negative effect on the rankings of comment’s, posts, and pages that have been flagged through the new downvoting button. The test is being carried out only about 5% Android users in the United States, who have the language set to English.