Instagram Tests Screenshot Notification Attribute for Stories

Published Date : Feb 12, 2018

With an interesting announcement, Instagram is starting to roll out a new feature in its app. This feature is expected to inform users, when other people are taking screenshots of their stories.

Story Screenshot Could Bring in Freedom of Expression Issues

The test run by Instagram that involves taking the screenshot could very well limit the freedom of expression for users. This is because, stories until now disappeared after 24 hours, thus ensuring some privacy for users who inputted their stories. Now, users who are included under this test are expected to get a warning in the form of a dialogue box. This warning would inform the person whose story is being saved in the form of a screenshot. The warning will only have an ok button, so that it is inevitable that the person whose story is being saved is informed.

According to a statement by Instagram to major news feeds, the company has acknowledged the tests to allow improvements made in the app. In addition to this, the company plans to improve the experience of users on Instagram in the form of additional tests. The main aim of these tests is to improve the process of sharing moments with others, with the help of stories.

Instagram could also use this test to gauge whether any significant impact is caused on rate of users’ engagement with the stories. Based on this, the company would plan whether or not extend the feature to all its users. Due to this feature, few users could decrease the number of stories they watched, mainly as they become aware that screenshots can no longer go unnoticed, and that the creator would be immediately informed. If this feature is released, Instagram would become similar to Snapchat in terms of how the latter involves use of screenshots in its app. In spite of the cons, this feature is likely to make users understand the non-ethical way of saving stories in the form of screenshots.