Hawaii Earns a “C” in the Blue Planet Foundation’s 2014 Energy Report Card

Published Date : Sep 16, 2014

According to a report published by Blue Planet Foundation, Hawaii received an “average” grade for its clean energy progress. The Blue Planet Foundation’s 2014 Energy Report Card for Hawaii has shown a slight improvement since 2013 which was at “C-minus”. This year the report card has improved to “C”.

The report is a 42-page document which gives a broad perspective of Hawaii’s energy transformation. It overlooks key aspects such as transportation, energy efficiency, renewable energy, smart grid and economics. However, the report card showed a “D-plus” for smart grid and “D-minus” for transportation.

Executive Director for Honolulu-based renewable energy nonprofit organization, Jeff Mikulina stated, Hawaii progress in its perspective towards energy shows lower consumption of electricity and integration of renewable. The report card enables an assessment of policies and changes in operations that impacted the pace. It also shows the decisions taken today are likely to affect Hawaii future in the coming years.

The grades were given on the basis of state’s progress so far to achieve the energy independence target set for 2040. In areas such as renewables Hawaii received a B and for efficiency he received a B-plus.
Hawaii has increased its renewable energy generation from 14% to 18% of its total generation. Additionally, the state also eliminated three old power plants this year, which reduced 139 megawatts of energy generated by fossil-fuels. 

The report also highlights progress in transportation, which amounts to state’s two-thirds fossil fuel consumption. In a given year, the number of vehicles driven grew by 6% per person. Increasing use of electric vehicles has helped in reducing the consumption of fossil fuel. The subsequent reduction in emission is also making the electric grid stronger.