Coke’s Surge to be Reintroduced in the Global Beverages Market

Published Date : Sep 16, 2014

A flavored drink that was discontinued more than a decade ago by Coca Cola, has again been brought back in the beverages market. This citrus flavored drink called Surge is a Mountain Dew knockoff. This drink is only available at This happens to be Coca Cola’s first ever e-commerce reintroduction. The reintroduction of Surge has been announced at the “Surge Movement” which is a Facebook Fan site. 

The members of this fan site are excited about the return of this drink and they have paid for a billboard in Atlanta. A twitter account has also been created for this drink by Coca Cola. 

Surge ranks 7th in the top 10 list of the discontinued sodas and has left behind Hubba Bubba Soda. 

Surge, which is a sweetened caffeinated green beverage, will be sold as a pack of twelve sixteen ounce cans for US$14. The cans will have the original graphics. On the basis of consumer response, Coke may plan of expanding the drink to other retailers.

Surge was Coca Cola’s creation, after decades of struggle to come up with a drink that could effectively compete with the highly demanded and competitive Mountain Dew. The last bottles and cans of Surge were offered in the market in the year 2001, after it was introduced in the year 1996. The popularity of this drink spread via social networking sites, with MySpace being the very first. This resulted in the “Surge Movement”. The market at that time also witnessed introduction of commodities that supported the growing popularity of this beverage which included “the Surge Movement” t-shirts.