Atkins Wants Consumers to Think Lifestyle, Not Dies: Unveils New Packaging

Published Date : Feb 23, 2018

Atkins Nutritionals Inc., a main player in the low-carb sustenance advertise, has propelled a rebranding effort in which packaging configuration assumes an indispensable part. The organization's overhauled nourishment packaging began taking off in late December 2017, trailed by an advertisement battle including another brand representative, actor Rob Lowe.

The rebranding makes carrying on with a healthy way of life, instead of eating less, Atkins' focal message. In this way the new packaging plan is sustenance driven, highlighting delectable photographs of the items while holding dietary data.

Atkins, which was obtained the previous summer by Conyers Park Acquisition to frame Simply Good Foods, has just been endeavoring to redo its picture to pull in more individuals. It has included an arrangement that permitted 40 grams of carbs every day, notwithstanding the exemplary 20-grams-per-day regimen. A month ago, it presented a 100-carb-per-day choice in its most recent book "Eat Right, Not Less”.

Atkins has likewise updated its packaging on its bars and shakes to make the brand symbolism "more contemporary," Parker said. Its endeavors are altogether lined up with the objective of throwing a more extensive net past ‘Weight Watchers’. The new design focuses on the food instead of messages. The nutritional call outs are more prominent and easier to read in the new packaging. However, the color system followed by the brand has been retained.