Only 44% Americans Think College Education “Very Important”: Poll

Published Date : Sep 17, 2014

A recent annual poll has revealed some shocking statistics regarding Americans’ views on the need for a college education. The poll showed that only 44% of Americans believed that a college education was “very important”, a drastic drop from 75% just four years ago.

The 46th annual PDK-Gallup poll also found that most parents of kids in public schools wish that teacher training programs be more selective and that new teachers work under a certified teacher for at least a year before being given a class for themselves. The finding is in absolute opposition of President Obama’s Teach for America program which encourages high-achieving recent college graduates to teach across the U.S.  

Phi Delta Kappa Fraternity, International (or PDK) has been working together with Gallup, Inc. since 1969 and conducts this poll every year to learn and present public opinion on education issues. While the first part of the poll was released last month, the second part was aimed at ascertaining the importance of college education among Americans, need for teacher training, and evaluation of teachers on the basis of their students performance on standardized tests. 

According to the poll, six of 10 Americans said that teachers should undergo more rigorous entrance tests and 61% opposed teachers being evaluated upon the test scores of their students. A whopping 64% Americans said they trusted their teachers, although this is the first time in five years since the question of trust was asked that the number has declined. More number of Americans agreed that students should have a shorter summer break and longer breaks at other times of the year, and 58% said that the community school curriculum needs to change.