China’s Huawei to Setup 4G Network in Cambodia

Published Date : Sep 18, 2014

EMAXX, the Cambodian telecommunications company has signed a deal with the Chinese Huawei on Wednesday to build and develop a 4G network in Cambodia.

The contract was signed by Ai Minn, the CEO of EMAXX, and the DGM of Huawei Technologies Weng Kefeng. The signing was performed in the presence of the Chinese Embassy’s Cambodian political councilor Li Zhigong and Kan Channmeta, Secretary of State at the Cambodian Ministry of Posts and Telecom.

The contract states that Huawei will build all 4G base stations in eight predetermined Cambodian cities. The project’s estimated time for completion is two years. The news was announced in a press meeting after the signing ceremony.

The statement said that the project has been created to develop a national information and communication network in Cambodia, which includes the construction of IDCs with a multiple gateway system and a backbone of national fiber telecom of 400 Gb/s. after completion, the network will provide service to 90 percent of the citizens in the eight Cambodian cities.

Li Zhigong said he was happy to see an increasing number of Chinese companies ready to build investments in Cambodia. The efforts are important to create better bilateral ties between the countries. He said the Chinese companies coming to Cambodia will contribute to the country’s development and establish a stronger future with Cambodia.

The chairman of EMAXX’s parent company Shenzhen KeyBridge Communications said that EMAXX will launch its 4G commercial network initially in Phnom Penh in 2015. It will provide 4G voice services, mobile broadband service and a fixed-speed broadband service.