First Turbine in Scotland’s Largest Offshore Wind Farm Project Erected

Published Date : Apr 13, 2018

Scotland is making waves in the wind energy circles, thanks to one of its offshore wind testing and demo facility that is being erected in Aberdeen Bay. The 11 turbine project is the country’s largest and is being developed by Aberdeen Offshore Wind Farm Limited, a company owned by Vattenfall. When it begins operating, the project will provide a massive boost to the overall global standing of Aberdeen’s energy innovation. It will also be able to take care of nearly 70% of the total domestic electricity needs of Aberdeen.

According to news regarding recent developments in this regard, one of the 11 turbines has been recently erected. It is estimated that one rotation of this enormous turbine is sufficient to generate power as much as is necessary for powering an average home in UK for a day.

Vattenfall, which is one of the leading generators of electricity and heat in Europe, states in a press statement that the turbine that has been erected was one of the two turbines that has been enhanced significantly, from 8.4 MW capacity to 8.8 MW. With the upgrade, the overall output of the completed wind farm may become 93.2MW. Installation of this massive turbine also make it the first time that a turbine of 8.8 MW capacity has been commercially deployed in the offshore wind energy industry. Moreover, the project is employing new suction bucket jackets entrenched in the sand at a commercial site off Aberdeen. This could lead to a reduction in the overall cost of the entire project.