User-Centric Healthcare Technology to be Launched by Comcast and Independence Together

Published Date : Apr 20, 2018

Comcast is collaborating with one of the country's biggest Blue Cross health insurance firm, Independence Health Group, to launch another patient-centred healthcare innovation platform. "The way we're seeing it is as an digital health organization," stated Brian Lobley, leader of consumer and commercial markets at the Independence Blue Cross division. "It will be a digital stage that is unquestionably going to be empowered by means of the TV, and the Comcast application, however [going] more extensive than the two organizations' current footprint.

The company will be collaborating with 50 percent partnership each, however will continue running as an autonomous new firm. They intend to start an experimental pilot program of the platform in the Philadelphia territory, where the two organizations are headquartered, with the expectation of launching the new company and later taking the platform national in the next six months of 2019. "We will begin with individuals who are undergoing some severe health condition or process, for example, knee surgery, Lobley clarified.

Aim is to Digitize the Experience

"There's post-operation and pre-operation recovery period, during which the patients are still under observation or medications. What we're hoping to do is take that experience, that agenda which the individual takes and digitize it," he stated. Comcast is Independence's biggest medical coverage customer, however the two have likewise teamed up on local healthcare activities. In February, they facilitated early stage healthcare IT venture concentrated on value-based care and enhancing patient’s health results.

Independence is a firm, indulging in latest technological innovations and extremely committed to user experience.” stated  Sam Schwartz.