Diabetic Patients Do Not Need To Hold Back From Eating Eggs

Published Date : May 08, 2018

There is a myth, according to which consumption of a lot of eggs might increase the risk of cardiovascular illness in the patients who are already suffering from diabetes and pre-diabetes. However, as per the latest research it is proved that this advice has no base and there is no such risk involved in the consumption of eggs by diabetic or pre-diabetic patients. As per the study in American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, scientists have discarded the belief that consuming 12 eggs in a week for a year is risky for heart health of patients suffering from type-2 diabetes or pre-diabetics. The study took place during a period of 12 months, in which the participants were consuming a low-egg (less than two eggs per week) diet or several number of egg (about 12 eggs per week) diet.


In first 3 months, participants were made to keep a stable weight before adopting any kind of egg diet. After 3 months, there was no increase in the markers of heart diseases was noticed. In next 3 months, the participants worked on losing weight while they were still on egg diets. For the next 6 months, the researchers checked with the participants who took the same diets, without turning up any indications of growth in heart risk factors. Moreover, there was not even a difference in weight reduction process irrespective of consumption of eggs.

Based on this, the researchers came to the conclusion that diabetic or pre-diabetic do not need to cut back on their consumption of eggs.