Healthy Diets May Help Lower Risk of Acquired hearing Loss in Women

Published Date : May 14, 2018

According to a new study undertaken by researchers from the Brigham and Women's Hospital, Boston, Massachusetts, a healthy diet may lead to as much as a 30% reduction in the risk of developing an acquired hearing loss in women. Hearing loss is a very common condition and is known to affect nearly 48 mn people in America alone. Evidence have suggested so far that diet may play a role in developing hearing loss.

Previous studies have also sought to find answers to these suggestions but have mostly revolved around the impact of specific nutrients and their effect on the risk of causing hearing loss. However, the link between the overall diet and the associated risk of developing hearing loss had remained unclear so far.

For the study, the researchers studied women under three different diet groups and the association with hearing loss – the DASH diet, which is specially designed to help people with hypertension, the Alternate Mediterranean Diet or the AMED approach of dieting, and the Alternative Healthy Eating Index of the year 2010. 70,966 women from these three groups were studied from the Nurses' Health Study (NHS) II and the subjects were followed for a span of 22 years. It was found that consuming a healthy diet was related to a lower risk factor for developing hearing loss in women.

For the study, researchers gathered details regarding dietary intake in women every four years and found out that the women who had diets that very closely resembled the DASH or AMED diets carried a nearly 30% lower risk of acquired hearing loss of the moderate or worse form as compared to women who had diets that had the least resemblance to these dietary patterns.