Large Area of Protected Land in Danger Due to Human Activities

Published Date : May 18, 2018

33% of the world's secured lands are being polluted by human activities and are not fit for reason, as indicated by a recent study.  Six million sq km of parks, forests, and preserved areas are under "immense human pressure" from farming, logging, and mining. Both rich and poor nations quickly assign protected zones yet neglect to catch up with the enforcement and funding. This is the reason biodiversity is still declining significantly, the author stated. Worldwide efforts to watch over our natural legacy by making protected areas have been a great example conservation success. Since the Convention on Biological Diversity was sanctioned in 1992, the zones under security have multiplied in size and now add up to around 15% of the terrains and 8% of the seas.

What do experts say?

In any case, analysts say that several protected areas are in actuality "paper parks", where tasks, for example, installation of power lines, building roads, construction of cities keeps on going without any hindrances.

"What we have demonstrated is that six million sq km have this level of human impact that is dangerous to the species they are trying to secure," the investigation's senior author, Prof James Watson from the University of Queensland, reported the BBC's Science in Action program.

"It was alarming that the examples were similar all over the places. No country was carrying on exceptionally well.” "That is presumably the saddest piece of the study - that countries like Australia and the US, which have the assets and have this unbelievable biodiversity to secure, are not protecting those regions.