Delphi Takes Over Antaya

Published Date : Sep 23, 2014

Delphi Automotive plc has recently signed an agreement that lets it control Antaya Technologies Corp. Antaya is a leader in providing proprietary on-glass connectors. The move improves Delphi’s portfolio and make it more feasible in the rapidly growing electrical connectors in automotives business.

Antaya holds the leading position in the manufacture of on-glass connectors for the North American automotive glass industry. It has a growing customer base in China and Europe. Antaya also provides lead-free connectors which is another sector for growth, due to the fact that the world’s automakers demand a better and lead-free content in their vehicles.

Rodney O’Neal, the Delphi president and Chief Executive Officer, recently said that Antaya will make a remarkable strategic fit with Delphi. The company adds the important new connector technology to an already large electrical connectors business. He also said that Antaya’s line of products will expand Delphi’s electronic products architecture portfolio to include glass applications. It will help in adding a new customer base and increasing additional electronic content per vehicle. He also mentioned that the takeover is consistent with the company’s strategy of supplying capital to areas that show growth opportunities and improve Delphi’s leading position in the business of automotive connectors.

Antaya’s wide range of on-glass products includes antenna assemblies, power terminals, tire pressure monitoring and keyless entry, along with multiple custom connector assemblies in car electronics.

The deal is projected to close in the fourth quarter of 2014, and will stay subject to receipt of approvals by regulatory bodies concerned. The terms of the takeover have not been disclosed.