Microsoft Attempts to Sink its Data Center Under Water at Orkney

Published Date : Jun 06, 2018

Microsoft has immersed a data center in the ocean off Orkney to research whether it can help energy proficiency. The server farm, a white barrel containing PCs, could sit on the ocean bed for up to five years. Orkney was selected as it is a noteworthy point for sustainable energy research. The hypothesis is that the cost of cooling the PCs will be cut by putting them submerged.

"Also as there are no individuals, we can take all the oxygen and the greater part of the water vapor out of the climate which diminishes corrosion, which is a noteworthy issue in data centers." It won't be possible to repair the PCs in the event in case they give up, yet the expectation is that there will be a less chances of it rate than ashore.

This is a minor data center contrasted and the huge sheds that currently store such an extensive amount the world's data, only 12 racks of servers yet with enough space to store five million motion pictures.

More About Trial:

Microsoft's first trial submerged data center, sunk for five months in 2015, was named Leona Philpot after a character in a XBox game. In the event that Project Natick demonstrates a win, Microsoft visualizes sinking groups of five of these chambers and having the capacity to deliver a data center on land in 90 days, though it could take many years offshore. The activity to sink the Orkney data center has been a costly affair.

The cylinder was created in France by a shipbuilding organization, Naval, stacked with its servers and after that cruised from Brittany to Stromness in Orkney.