BBOXX partners with DRC Government to bring Off-grid Solar Power

Published Date : Jun 08, 2018

Off-grid energy solutions are becoming increasingly instrumental in expanding the access to electricity in developing worlds. Traditional grid infrastructures have largely been a constraint for utility providers to scale across several developing countries. And, providing off-grid clean energy is emerging as a highly lucrative option to achieve this end.  BBOXX Ltd., a U.K.-based utility company, has entered into a collaboration with the Government of DR Congo, to provide off-grid solar energy to large number of its citizens-2.5 million of them-by 2020. The deal will allow a substantial portion of the country population, including remote ones living in rural areas, to benefit from clean renewable energy and at affordable rates.

Government to Facilitate Installing Solar Energy Systems by providing Tax Exemption

The Government through an initiative that underscores the idea “Energie pour Tous” or “Sustainable Energy for All” nurses the vision of electrifying all areas across the country. Of note, it considers off-grid solar-based infrastructure and systems to play the key role in fulfilling the objective. With the aim to accelerate national rural electrification program, the Government will increasingly support installing solar systems by extending exemption on import tax incurred on solar equipment. This will significantly bring down the cost of these systems, enhancing the reach of the program as well upping the affordability for accessing the services. The Government is exhorting private players such as BBOXX by providing a favorable regulatory framework, contended the company.

Cloud-based Technologies to help boost Reliability and Affordability in Electricity Access to Remote Communities

BBOXX focuses on providing solar energy to emerging economies, especially in rural parts of Asia and Africa. It notably uses cloud-powered and machine learning technologies to monitor the reliability of solar energy systems at homes. This is imperative for ensuring a reliable energy in remote communities in DR Congo. For instance any concern of battery depletion can be managed well in time with its data-drive approach.

Of note, the U.K. player has already been partnering with Victron Energy in the country, which is engaged in providing solar energy to an urban region based on pay-as-you-go" (PAYG) business model. However, the utility provider found that conventional grid systems fall short of meeting the needs of rural consumers.