Blood Test to Determine Premature Deliveries

Published Date : Jun 11, 2018

A blood test for pregnant ladies recognizes with 75-80 percent precision whether their pregnancies will end in untimely or premature birth. The method can likewise be utilized to evaluate a baby's gestational age - or the mother's expected date - as dependably as and less expensively than ultrasound.

Created by a group of researchers drove by analysts at Stanford University, the tests could help decrease issues identified with premature birth, which influences 15 million newborn children worldwide every year. As of not long ago, specialists have did not have a dependable method to foresee whether pregnancies will occur prematurely, and have attempted to precisely anticipate due dates for a wide range of pregnancies, particularly in the settings of low-resources.

Further Insights:

The blood tests are published in a paper that will be distributed online June 7 in Science. Stephen Quake, PhD, teacher of bioengineering and of applied science at Stanford, shares senior initiation with Mads Melbye, MD, guest professor of medicine. The main authors are Thuy Ngo, PhD, who is a former scholar at Stanford postdoctoral researcher and student at Stanford Mira Moufarrej.

"This work is the consequence of a great joint effort between scientists around the globe," said Quake, who is additionally the Lee Otterson Professor in the School of Engineering. "We have worked intimately with the group at the Stanford March of Dimes Prematurity Research Center, and the research included coordinated efforts with researchers in Denmark, Pennsylvania and Alabama. It's truly group science at its finest.”