A Speech Impaired Radio Journalist Gets his Voice Back Through AI

Published Date : Jun 15, 2018

A radio journalist from the US, who could not speak since two years will soon come back to the air, on account of man-made brainpower. Jamie Dupree, age 54, in charge of political radio journalism, working with Cox Media Group, can't talk because of an uncommon neurological condition. Another voice was made for Jamie by a Scottish innovation organization CereProc. CereProc prepared a neural system to anticipate the way Mr. Dupree used to talk, utilizing tests from his previous voice recordings.

"This innovation has spared my job along with my family from a financial crisis," Mr. Dupree stated the BBC channel. "There isn't a big market in radio journalism, in that too people who are not able to talk." Keeping in mind the end goal to make a voice for anybody else, the person has to read out a content for 30 hours so as to assemble enough information.

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At that point AI is connected to either slash up words from sound document and stick them back together as per the request, or the innovation is utilized to foresee and mimic the individual's voice and pattern. Both of the techniques can cost a lot of expenses, and take a long time to deliver only one voice.

To accelerate the procedure and turn it into much affordable device, CereProc began building up its personal neural systems back in 2006. Today, its AI system can create a voice within a couple of days for £500, once a client has recorded their own voice by reading out the content on its site.