Highland Europe closes $540 Mn Funding to support Growth-stage Tech Companies

Published Date : Jun 27, 2018

A spate of funding rounds recently being made across key economies of Europe and in the U.S. have focused on early-stage state-ups. Running into millions, these funds have been largely focused on fueling the ambitions of entrepreneurs and help them scale beyond national contours. In Europe, technology companies are especially benefitting from this trend. Against this backdrop, a European firm Highland Europe has in June 2018 closed a new funding round valued at €463 Mn ($540 million), the third one in the funding round started six years ago. The Massachusetts-headquartered company focuses on growth-stage startups based on software and internet and claims to have as many as 26 active companies in its portfolio. These companies boasted of an aggregate revenue worth €1.1 billion last year.

Exciting Technology Businesses, including FinTech, among Most Favored Ones for VC

The venture capital firm that considers itself to be more than just early-growth stage funding firm believes that the current capital is largely oversubscribed. The company has its focus on exciting technology businesses in Europe, rather than on startups. Of note, it intends to spend anywhere in between €10 Mn ($11 Mn) and €30 million ($35 Mn) in a number of startups.

The company considers itself to be zealous of fueling growth for companies who want to scale internationally. The company favors the booming financial technology-based businesses but invest only if they show appetite for growth with real capital efficiency.

Scope of Venture Funds Wide, Fueling Ambition of Entrepreneurs in Europe

Highland Europe opines that recruitment of management and Board members is one of the most severe constraints that may sap the growth of business who want to be included in the group of multibillion companies. The company considers its endowments to be accommodating of the needs of various companies spread across a vast spectrum. Last year, it backed Highland Europe, which could successfully secure a funding of $75 Mn in series D round.

Through the quantum of funding is more in the U.S. than in Europe, market strategists opine that there isn’t any difference between the ambitions of budding entrepreneurs.