TSMC Factories faced forced shut down after Getting Affected by a Computer Virus

Published Date : Aug 06, 2018

Lately, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., the world’s biggest contract chip making company may face losses up to US$ 255 mn after it was attacked by a computer virus. TSMC holds contracts from Apple and Qualcomm. Inc. It is the sole manufacture for the main processor for iPhone; however, it was not clear to what extent the iPhones fabrication tools were affected. Many factories were shut down due to infected fabrication equipment’s but almost 80% was recovered until Sunday. Because of this unforeseen incidence, the company can experience 3% loss for this quarter and the shipments are expected to be delayed, reported by Financial Times.

The company stats that it is unclear how the virus entered and not a deliberate effort made by any hacker, TSMC told Bloomberg News. According to the statement given by the company, the incidence took place because of faulty operation during the software installation process for a new tool. The software installation caused the virus to spread when the tool was connected to the company’s computer network. Although the production has been resumed in couple of factories, as the effect of the virus differ from factory to factory. This incidence reminded of WannaCrycyberattacks (ransomware) took place in 2017 that compelled numerous corporations across the globe to suspend operations.

More details about the intensity of the affect will be released by Monday, when the entire inspection of the incidence will be done. Though TSMC has been attacked before but this is the first time when the attacked it product lines.