Asus Launch Zenfone Live Based on Google Operating System - Android Go

Published Date : Aug 07, 2018

In 2017, Google launched its series for Android Go that were not effectively good in spite of it low software and high price. Now, Asus has announced its Android Go phone as ZenFone Live L1, in the U.S. The phone is available at US$ 110 in 18:9 screen display with a face unlock feature which is certainly not available at this price. Asus has managed to provide various features at such a low cost. The screen display is of 5.5 inch having big bezels on either side, with a 720-pixel resolution at a decent price when compared to other smart phone available in the market.   

Other specification includes 16GB storage that can be extended with additional microSD card and Snapdragon 425 processor (highly used in lower end phones 2 years back). Users can face challenge due to limited RAM of 1GB and limited 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi that will create problems while connecting to newer networks.

Moreover, the phone does not have fingerprint sensor either. Face scanning through photo is not a secure option when compared to 3D mapping seen in iPhones. However, there are many limitations in the ZenFone Live as it is a low-end phone. Google’s operating system Android Go is used while manufacturing low-end phone devices. Moreover, it is too early to come to any conclusion as we are standing the middle of the year. Additionally, these phones are only available on Best Buy, and are also paired with various plans with a $50 discount.