Google to Increase the Privacy Feature in Its Upcoming Devices working on Android Pie

Published Date : Aug 08, 2018

Recently, Google has released its latest mobile operating system version – Android Pie, which encompasses the most recent technological developments and sensational issues of privacy and smartphone addiction. It is the ninth iteration for the world’s most popular operating system, which give some insights how future smartphone will look like.

The two key factors tailored by the eminent smartphone players Google and Apple is the less usage of smartphones and privacy of the user. It is in trend and has been acknowledged by the companies that excessive time spent on the smartphones, for which they have introduced some helpful features to curb this issue.

Last year in an I/O developer conference, Google announced its “Digital Wellbeing” tools that will be effective in the Pie beta generally for the Pixel users. These tools help in analyzing time spent per app and the dashboard has a timer that will fade away apps after a particular set time. Moreover, social media and news are not the only one keeping individuals glued to their phones, work also plays a significant role by engaging users to their phones.

With the increasing number of cases related to privacy breach (e.g. Facebook - Cambridge Analytica data breach), smartphone users are highly concerned about the usage of their data. With the expansive upcoming privacy regulations in Europe and dealing with consumers privacy issues faced by Facebook the demand for privacy has increased significantly. Apple have stricter consumer privacy control in respect to photo storage in its devices; wherein now Google will enhance its protection in Android Pie.