Another Case of Measles in Past 10 Days

Published Date : Aug 23, 2018

Cases of the measles are increasing in the Portland-Metro Area as another case has been diagnosed in the last 10 days. The Oregon Health Authority (OHA) commented that the second person found affected with measles on Sunday is close in contact with the first case of the disease. The first case was found on 10 Aug, before detecting the disease - from 30 July to 6th Aug. - he spent time in the area. 

Measles is one of the contagious diseases which require high levels of the vaccinations to avoid its spreading, said Rebecca Pierce, Ph.D., of OHA’s Acute and Communicable Disease Prevention section.

This is the fifth case since June, though first cases are not connected with the recent two. The second person who is affected with the disease was traveling out of the state and became sick when he came to the state. The unvaccinated people are at high risks if they were at the place such as Portland International Airport on Aug 17th and Marco's Café and Espresso Bar on Aug 18th at that time.

From this information, researchers are expecting symptoms if anyone new patient inspects over the next two weeks, Pierce added.

What is measles?

OHA said that measles is highly contagious viral diseases and mainly affect those people who do not have a strong immunity. The symptoms of measles are initiated with a cough, fever, runny nose, and red eyes and red rash which starts from the face and spread all over the body. People are infectious with measles for four to five days before the rash appears and four days after that.