A Year after Rollout, Microsoft Revokes Surface Plus

Published Date : Sep 03, 2018

Just after a year it was launched, Microsoft ends its Surface Plus financing program. It was rolled out to make buying and supporting of a Surface device easier on the purse. Meant for students and general customers and businesses, the program was divided into two segments for the benefit of the end users. With it Microsoft wanted to target

However, exactly a year later, Microsoft has quietly revoked its Surface Plus financing program. It did post a message on it site stating that it is not accepting new enrollments post August 31. It also added that this was done after careful consideration. The recent change, however, does not impact the existing customers who will remain under the ambit of their existing financing plans.

The Surface Plus financing program was funded by a company called Klarna which is based out of Stockholm. It was aimed at students and others who were keen on owning a Surface device. It allowed them to buy it in installments for 24 months. The Surface Plus also allowed exchange plans. It allowed consumers to upgrade to the recent-most device in the market after 18 months, provided the device they were exchanging was still working effectively.

In the frequently asked questions (FAQ) segment, Microsoft informed that their current customers are allowed to upgrade their Surface as per the existing options. Apart from that, ending of Surface Plus financing program would not impact the already existing warranty plans, it further informed.