Sad News for Inbox by Gmail Users, Google to End Limited Invitation-only Email Service

Published Date : Sep 14, 2018

Google is allegedly planning to pull the plug on Inbox, its email service other than Gmail, by March 2019. Inbox by Gmail was announced in 2014 on a limited invitation-only basis. However, its official release to the public dated May 28, 2015. The search engine giant has never held back its innovation efforts to make its email products user-friendly and attractive. However, only time will tell how the deletion of Inbox by Gmail reflects on users. Nevertheless, since Gmail has already absorbed most of Inbox’s features, it may not be a surprise for users to see the death of the latter email service.

With Fewer Unique Features, Inbox doesn’t have Enough Reasons to Exist

Google has provided a transition guide for its email users to help with successful and pain-free transition from Inbox to Gmail. The guide provides a long list of features as well as alternative ones offering similar functionality that have made their way from Inbox to Gmail. However, few of these features could be a stretch. For instance, custom inbox tabs in Gmail may not share the same functionality as that of bundles in Inbox. Nonetheless, now with fewer unique features that are not shared with any other email service, Inbox may not have a strong reason to exist. Most of the Inbox features were updated in Gmail in the latest upgrade.

By the end of March 2019, the Inbox app will not work anymore and users will be reverted to standard Gmail experience. Inbox users will be warned for six months prior to the change to avoid inconvenience.