Soylent Launched in the UK as an Occasional Meal

Published Date : Sep 18, 2018

Soylent, a meal replacement drink will be launched in the UK on Thursday with another equation to its US product. The company has replaced seven of its ingredients and balanced the vitamin and mineral substance to follow to British norms.

Soylent was pulled back from Canada last year after reports that a few people felt ill after its consumption. The firm said it was working with Canadian experts to reinvent it.

The Silicon Valley start-up turned into the biggest group supported food venture when it propelled in the US back in 2013.

It was advertised by the experts and the organization initially recommended the item could even replace the regular meals as well.

It is named after an anecdotal fictional food product called soylent that was mentioned in a sci-fi novel, in 1966 "Make Room! Make Room!”

“We Are Not Trying to Replace Meals”, says Bryan Crowley

Anyway the firm has now rebranded it as a more of a irregular meal, to take over what it calls "food voids" - times when a usual dinner isn't possible due to reasons like money, time, or logistics. Anderson Cooper, a CNN Anchor revealed recently that he was working on to replace the majority of his dinners with Soylent drinks.

Soylent CEO Bryan Crowley said he had received negative feedbacks from nutritionists regarding the product.

"We're not attempting to replace the the dinners you have with friends and family, end of the week informal breakfast - we're not even trying to compete in that zone. What we're stating is, we cannot change how busy people have become, nevertheless we can give you something nutritious to eat when you are that occupied", he told the BBC.