Tencent’s Artificial Intelligence to Boost Diagnosis of Parkinson’s Disease

Published Date : Oct 08, 2018

Tencent, a Chinese tech firm and London medical organization Medopad have collaborated to utilize AI in the detection of Parkinson's Disease.

A camera catches the manner in which patients move their hands to decide the seriousness of their symptoms. The team of researchers has prepared the framework with existing patient videos who have been evaluated by specialists, working with King's College Hospital in London.

"We utilize the AI to gauge the disintegration of patients suffering from disease without the patient wearing any sensors or gadgets," clarifies Dr. Wei Fan, leader of the Tencent Medical AI lab. The point is to accelerate motor function evaluation process, which for the most part takes over 30 minutes. Utilizing cell phone innovation created by Medopad, the expectation is that patients could be surveyed in three minutes - and probably won't need to go to a clinic.

Aim is to help Billions of People

Medopad is a London-based firm that has been creating applications and wearable gadgets to screen patients with different medicinal conditions. It has been developing quick - however is a minnow contrasted and Tencent, which is initiating China's gigantic interest in AI. Medopad's CEO Dan Vahdat stated that there was no British organization that could coordinate what Tencent offered as in partnership. "Our aspiration is to affect a billion patients around the globe - and to have the capacity to get to that sort of scale we have to work together that have worldwide reach," he said. Wei Fan even focusses on the size of his organization's desire in healthcare AI, focusing on that it is centered around treating illnesses that influence huge number of people.