Global Surgical Wounds Treatment Market to grow Due to Advent of Minimally Invasive Surgeries

Published Date : Oct 22, 2018

Surgical wounds are basically the incisions left untreated that are made while performing any surgical procedure. The surgical incision is made with a minimally invasive method at the site of surgery to be performed. There are various categories in which the surgical wounds and their treatments are divided, for example, size of the wound, its severity, and several other factors. Based on Class, the surgical wounds are segmented into Class I, comprising of generally clan wounds, with negligible risk of infection after the surgery, Class II, which include wounds with moderate risk of infections if left untreated, owing to the location of incision, and Class III, and Class IV, where the risk of infections are maximum due to criticality of the procedure, and other external and internal factors as well.

However, a startup based in India, Axio Biosolutions, funded by various key players, such as, Ratan Tata’s UC-RNT, Accel, and IDG is all set to launch surgical tapes and gauzes made of polymer-based products in the market. It is to be noted that gauze has been an important part of medical industry since a very long time and helps in wound care procedures. It helps in dressing of the surgical wound, and protecting it from external infectious elements. Innovations like these, has reduced the risk of infection after the surgeries to just 3 percent.

Rising Population Swells Demand for Surgical Wounds Treatment

There has been a notable surge in surgeries around the world every year due to rise in number of people suffering from GI track infections, cancer, and other chronic ailments. This has augmented the cause of surgical wounds, and hence demands the surgical wounds treatment in the global market. Moreover, the hospitals and healthcare centers in the world are concentrating on including minimally invasive surgeries in practice. This has propelled the number of people agreeing to undergo the surgical process, which in turn brings in a huge population that is at the risk of getting infected by surgical wounds, and would require treatment for it.

Apart from these, the improvement in healthcare sector, advancement in technology, and rising cases of surgical wounds, along with the innovative products launched in the market by major players are among the important factors fueling the demand of surgical wound treatment market within the forecast period from 2018 to 2026. Nevertheless, there is still a lack of proper reimbursement policies for surgical wounds treatment and advanced wound care tools, which is expected to be a hindering factor, responsible for pull back market growth.

US to be Major Share Contributor Across World

Geographically, in 2017, North America region is foreseen to lead the global surgical wounds treatment market and is likely to sustain its position the global market in the forthcoming years. North America is the major contributor of shares in global market of surgical wound treatments, in 2017, owing to the increased cases of surgical procedures that are carried out in the US, majorly, which resultantly causes surgical wounds. Moreover, rising adoption of advanced surgical gauzes is another factor fueling the demand for surgical wound treatment market in upcoming years.