Bendgate: iPhone 6 Plus Video May Have Been Fake

Published Date : Sep 29, 2014

The YouTube video showing how the new iPhone 6 Plus could be bent out of shape may possibly be a fake. The claim about a ‘bendy’ iPhone 6 Plus went viral across the Internet, earning the name ‘Bendgate’.

The video apparently spread panic among Apple users and customers, with them fearing that the smartphone may bend in their trouser pockets. Online forums and social media were abuzz with reactions, with #BendGate trending on Twitter. 

Apple Inc. finally broke its silence to put the rumors to rest. The company invited a handful of media persons to its test centers to vouch for the durability of the iPhones themselves. Not usually open to the public or any outsiders, Apple was compelled to force its doors open in response to the issue.

The company’s vice president Phil Schiller stated that Apple had received only nine complaints, out of the million units sold. Nearly 10 million units of the iPhone 6 Plus were sold on the first three days.

Upon scrutiny, it has been found that the viral video was possibly faked. After the media tour of the Apple facilities, U.S. non-profit organization Consumer Reports affirmed that the fears were overblown. The firm tested the iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6, iPhone 5, HTC One M8, LG G3, and Samsung Galaxy Note 3 by putting them under a “three-point flexural test”. 

The conclusion was that while any of the above-mentioned phones should be able to endure typical use, the iPhone 6 Plus was not any bendier than HTC One M8 or other phones put to test.