Nestle to Resort to Layoff Measure at the Solon Frozen Food Facility

Published Date : Oct 07, 2014

Swiss multinational food and beverage giant, Nestle has declared its plan of laying off almost 100 workers at their frozen food facility located in Solon, OH. The frozen food unit at Solon that manufactures frozen food items under the brand names of Stouffer and Lean Cuisine has plans of adopting a “continuous operations” model. According to senior officials of Nestle, this step may prove to be quite beneficial in the long run because these changes will create more employment opportunities in the near future. 

This job cutting measure as announced by Nestle has come after Nestle had declared its expansion plan in Solon. As per the expansion plans, the frozen pizza operations facility was eventually to move to Solon from Illinois. 

Several new developments are taking place in the frozen food facility at Solon, OH. Nestle is working towards a plant expansion project for its frozen foods operations, and establishing a research center over and above the layoff measure and shifting of pizza operations. 

Nestle has also expressed that it would shut down its underperforming and loss making businesses to prevent further losses and financial damage. As a matter of fact, the aforementioned brands of Nestle’s - Lean Cuisine and Stouffer are anticipated to witness full business closure in the near future. The PowerBar brand of Nestle will soon be up for sale in the coming months.