LGs Awaited Smartwatch To Go on Sale in Less than Two Weeks

Published Date : Oct 07, 2014

LG’s most desirable G Watch R smartwatch is expected to hit markets in no more than two weeks from now, a report from the Korean tech-giant has revealed. LG had announced that the second Android based wearable device from its offering would be on sale very soon at the beginning of September.

An official confirmation is still not surfaced, but according to sources from South Korea, the device will go on sale on October 16 in the South Korean market. Also, whether this tentative launch date will apply to markets from the rest of the world remains to be seen. 

Reports state that the watch could be priced at around 352,000 won, equating to nearly US$330, more by roughly US$70 than the previous G watch produced by LG. 

The G Watch R drops the angled design of the G Watch, and presents a metal body dial with a circular P-OLED touchscreen, completing the design with a leather strap. This provides the G Watch R a more traditional watch like feel, over the slightly tech-oriented designs of most counter products in the market currently. 

The watch will come ready with Android Wear, a smart power-saving feature, a heart-rate monitor and the cool design. With all these features, this device will be the first true competitor of the Motorola Moto 360. Also, if it is priced at the reported price tag of US$330, it will count as the most expensive smartwatch in the market. Other prominent smartwatch in the market is the Samsung Gear Live.