PATA and Russian Federation Sign MoU

Published Date : Sep 29, 2014

Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA) and Russian Federation signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to encourage travel and tourism for a sustainable flow of tourists. The MoU signed with the Travel Association of Russian Federation is called, “World Without Borders”. The move comes as an agreement to strengthen the links initiated by PATA after its visit to St. Petersburg and Moscow in March 2014.

As per the agreement, both the organizations will exchange knowledge and skills as a part of constructive reciprocation in the event. The organization will also improve ways of two-way marketing while building business with more access to open market.

PATA CEO Martin J. Craigs stated, in troubled times as these it is important for PATA to build bridges for people and create good will from all the countries. This will help people in connecting each other, which in turn will help them empathize with each other, eliminating unnecessary demonization. The initiative, World Without Borders is an initiative that is aimed towards increasing travel and tourism to build economies and benefit from globalization. 

Oxana McChristia World Without Borders CEO stated, the organization is incredibly happy to have signed the memorandum of understanding with PATA to achieve the goal of development of travel promotion between Russian Federation and PATA. Russia has been the key market since 2002.

According to the MoU PATA’s visitor’s forecast for the forecasted period 2014-1018 of arrival from Russia Federation to Asia Pacific is between 15 million.