Indians and Chinese Will Be Able to Travel to Ireland and UK on Single Visa

Published Date : Oct 06, 2014

The Indian Home Secretary, Theresa May signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Republic of Ireland to build and strengthen the Common Travel Area. This denotes, by coming December Indians will be able travel to UK and Ireland with just one visa.

This will help UK and Ireland to share details of passengers, and allow travelers from China and India to travel more easily between the two countries without flouting any security rules. The scheme will first be implement in China by the end of October and then in India. 

The British-Irish visa plan will allow travelers to make short stays in Ireland and then continue the onward journey to UK, and vice versa. For example, an Indian or a Chinese visitor in Dublin can visit Belfast or London on the same visa. The scheme currently covers just Irish short stays. China and India are key markets for Irish and UK tourism industry which hope to contribute more than 10,000 visitors under this scheme.

This brilliant scheme is most likely going to benefit the economy of Northern Irish as it will allow both, Indian and Chinese visitors to visit Northern Ireland without having to go through the trouble of obtaining a separate UK visa. The only glitch in this scheme is, a traveler in UK under “visitor in transit” visa or “visitor for marriage or civil partnership” visa will have to acquire a separate visa to visit Ireland. Additionally, the visa holder must travel to the applied country first and then to the other country.