Contractors Aware of Concrete Pump Shortage

Published Date : Oct 15, 2014

The concrete industry was functioning well until the abrupt stop in Professional Concrete Pumping occurred yesterday. Due to the collapse of industry’s biggest player this week, construction contractors are expected to witness a major delay in their order for concrete pumps. 

Camfaud – the biggest supplier and industry rival has warned about the industry-wide shortage of industrial machines and how the need would arise to manage extra demand from existing Professional customers. 

Some of the recent developments in the hire concrete pump industry are receiving plenty telephone calls at present, said a spokesman for the firm. He has requested the customers to bear with them in this difficult phase as they assure they will answer calls as quickly and efficiently as possible. 

Over the past four years, Camfaud had increased its range of pumps trying to balance the demand supply. Currently, it is preparing for Putzmeister M36 to enter service. The market will see a shortfall of the availability of concrete pump in the future. However, all the existing customers will be given the privilege as soon as new contractors enter the market.  

A fleet of around 60 concrete pumps have been withdrawn overnight because the industry was striving to cope with the ongoing demand, said another concrete pump firm. 

An employee of the firm told the media enquirer that they were quoting two week delivery in regions like south east standalone. They had around 60 and 90 day accounts but they also had to pay the diesel costs up front.  

Professional had to sell off several pumps to meet their finance growth and most of the machines were operated on lease. The company’s problems were based on after it was hit by the VAT bill. The entire business had to be put out for sale, but industry rivals were only interested in purchasing parts of the firm. Around more than 100 staff were informed that Professional would pay them until Monday.