Bay Link Manufacturing to Reinvent Manufacturing Sector in Wisconsin

Published Date : Oct 16, 2014

The Green Bay School plans to revolutionize the manufacturing sector through its collaborative, Bay Link Manufacturing. With this initiative, students at Green Bay Area School District will have chance to get a hands-on experience in manufacturing and business sectors. The Bay Link Manufacturing at West High School is a program launched in association with NWTC and the Green Bay Area Schools, with planning that has spanned over two years.

The Bay Link will allow students to learn actual skills that they can apply at various jobs. A real-time experience will help students to get a better understanding of the real job too. The students will learn to handle high-precision equipment to cater to the real demand from manufacturing units such as Lindquist Machine. 

To take up this opportunity offered by the Bay Link Manufacturing program students will have to apply for positions at the jobs. This means they will have to go through the rigmarole of sending their resumes, making formal applications, and appearing for interviews, just as professionals have to in real life scenarios. The program intends to select about eight boys and two girls of which two will attend Southwest High School and eight will attend West High School. The program has been made accessible to both, seniors and juniors at Green Bay district high schools.

The manufacturing sector nearly accounts for 23% of Northeastern Wisconsin’s economy. According to the 2014 Manufacturing Vitality Index around 60% of the employers find it difficult to get suitable jobs. This program has been floated precisely for improving the condition of manufacturing sectors and generating better revenue.