Apples Large Screen iPhone 6 Plus Finally Launched in the Chinese Market

Published Date : Oct 20, 2014

The large screen iPhone 6 Plus of Apple Inc. has finally been launched in the world’s largest market for smart phones. With this, the consumers in the Chinese market will not have to depend on smugglers. This product has recently been introduced in the Chinese market for sale. The starting price of this 4.7 inch iPhone 6 is about US$ 863 (5288 Yuan). 

Earlier, due to high demand for the 5.5 inch iPhone 6 Plus in the Chinese market, these phones were being bought illegally across the border at twice the price at which it was available in the Hong Kong market. 

According to a senior official at Forrester Research, the sale of the current model of Apple phones will surpass the level of sales of the previous models. It is expected that the large screen iPhones will report better sales in China over the very first weekend than the previous year’s iPhone 5 models. 

According to reports and findings, almost twenty million Chinese consumers have already registered to buy these iPhones via various channels. About ten to fifteen percent of the registrations generally result in final sales, which depict the sale of almost two to three million units. 

A few days back, almost 150 consumers had queued up at an Apple outlet in eastern Beijing’s China Central Place. In fact, most of the consumers had placed their orders in advance.

Apple Inc. also has plans of introducing new iPhones in Monaco and India and by the end of this month, these phones will reach the markets of almost 36 countries all over the world. As per forecasts, these devices will be available in almost 70 countries by the end of this month and about 115 nations by the end of this year.

However, none of these markets can be compared to the Chinese market which witnessed sale worth $5.9 billion within a period of three months.