Few Students Opt for Research Grants: OCSC Concedes

Published Date : Oct 20, 2014

Although there is abundant support for the nation’s human resource development sector through scholarships; however, few people are still interested in taking up research grants and even fewer of them are actually qualified for these grants, revealed the Office of the Civil Service Commission (OCSC). Students are encouraged to explore various offers and study abroad. 

While the research aspect is thoroughly supported by OCSC, keeping the candidates attracted to the research opportunities is a challenge, said Nontigorn Kanchanachitra, secretary-general of OCSC, earlier this month. His office is associated with science-related scholarships as he is responsible to respond to requests from national strategies and government agencies. 

The OCSC is in alliance with many government agencies to offer scholarships to students. This is in competitiveness to Thailand’s plans. Scholarships offer students the extra experience and knowledge that can be useful to the country in some way.   

According to Nantigorn, many foreign education institutions offered full grants or partial grants to qualified candidates, and Thais were eligible to apply for these programs. 

At present, there are about 4,303 scholarships for students and government officers to undergo training and study overseas under the guidance of OCSC. These scholarships are offered by different government institutes or are a part of royally sponsored programs.  

OCSC is planning to call upon more than 300 commanding educational institutions from 20 different countries including, the UK, China, France, Canada, Australia, Germany, Switzerland, South Korea, Japan, New Zealand, the Netherlands, Singapore, and Russia. Representatives from foreign educational institutions will mark their presence providing advice and details on scholarship and each course, including special offers for the expo. 

Many dentistry-associated scholarships are available at several universities in Europe, cited Nantigorn. 

There will be 1,500 post-graduate scholarships offered to international students. The association is run by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office of the UK, the Chevening Scholarship Program. 
All information regarding the scholarships will be available at the OCSC International Expo 2014 which will be held at Siam Paragon Shopping mall, from noon to 6pm, at the Royal Paragon Hall on 5th Floor, on November 1 and 2. 

The expo will encourage students to learn critical information on self-preparations, courses, scholarships, studying abroad, guidance on living abroad, and curriculum, as well as will encourage students to explore educational opportunities.  

The event will also include counseling and university matching, writing effective statement of purpose, sample tests in English language, and writing self-recommendation letters.