Samsung Hopes for Better Profits with Galaxy Note 4

Published Date : Oct 22, 2014

Samsung Note 4 has hit the shelf at the right time as the company is desperate to recover from the decline in profits at a global level from its smartphones. The new model also comes with a big design change, as the phone maker switched from plastic phone frame to a metal one since it first started selling the Note series. The design change comes with an initiative to offer its customers a worthy change and also to stay true to the trend. However, whether Samsung’s profits will improve with this change in design, is a question that will only be answered with time. The competition has got tougher for Samsung as Apple has entered the big screen area with its latest launch.

The quarterly profit for July-September dropped toUSD3.8 billion, which is a 60% dip for a year ago. Though Samsung revolutionized the big-screen smartphone market in Asia, the phablet market became its tough competition. Its latest Note 4 with a 5.7-inch screen not only faces tough competition from the iPhone 6, but also from handset makers in China. Presently, Samsung is also making design changes in Galaxy S5, which eventually led to their chief design head leaving the job. 

According to design developers at Samsung, consumer opinions have been driving the design changes. The transition from plastic to metal has also been guided with such opinions. Kim Nam-su, Senior Designer, Samsung stated, it is important to cater to the needs of a customers in terms of both fashion and functionality. Making a smartphone just beautiful, is merely secondary.