Japan Welcomes U.K. Beef and Lamb Exports

Published Date : Jan 11, 2019

Japan has ended its longstanding ban on British beef and lamb imports. The move was announced ahead of the scheduled meet between Theresa May and Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. The announcement will open up £130 million opportunity for the U.K. beef and lamp exporters over the next five years.

Theresa May and Shinzo Abe are expected to discuss several other key concerns for both countries. According to official sources, £30 million of initial funding for high tech collaborations to boost innovation and create high-skilled job is on the cards. Britain’s exit from the EU is expected to be a topic of conversation during the next meet. The Japanese side had earlier expressed its concern over a disorderly Brexit. However, lifting of the age-old beef ban signals a positive road ahead for Britain.

The opening of the Japanese market is an excellent step for beef and lamb producers across the UKemonstrates confidence in our high standards of food and drink,  according to the Minister of State for Agriculture, Fisheries and Food George Eustice.

Ahead of Brexit, Britain Makes Inroads around the world

Earlier this year, China also lifted a ban on the UK beef, while Taiwan opened its market for British pork produce. Similarly, India has made an announcement to import more sheep meat from the U.K.  Japan and UK have also pledged funds for new technologies, medical treatments, green transport, and energy solutions.

The two countries are also expected to forge closer defense and cultural ties. According to official statistics, Britain had exported over £1.2 billion red meat products in 2017.