Organic Personal Care Products Market Research Reports and Industry Analysis

Published Date : Oct 28, 2014

The market for organic personal care products [] is on an upswing. This market is firmly on the growth track because consumers are increasingly concerned about the adverse effects of synthetic chemicals and other artificial ingredients in personal care products. Numerous studies in the recent past have shown that consumers are likely to place higher confidence in products with a ‘green’ or ‘organic’ tag. The personal care products market in general is regulated by a number of stringent norms, and these mandates are especially rigorous in the case of organic personal care products. Hence, players in this market have to obtain numerous certifications and comply with several different regulations.

In this backdrop, what are the factors that will truly propel the organic personal care products market in the near future? What are the opportunities that can be tapped early on in this market? Are there any threats that players need to be forewarned of? All of these questions, and more, are answered by the market organic personal care products market research reports featured on Our studies offer insight into the global and regional markets for organic personal care products.

Based on product type, the organic personal care products market can be segmented as: hair care, skin care, cosmetics, oral care, and others.

A number of players have already gained a firm foothold on the organic personal care products market, and many others are still struggling to make an impact here. These reports mainly analyze competitors that have been around in the market enough to earn substantial revenues in the global organic personal care products market. Some of these companies include: The Body Shop, Bare Escentuals, Burt’s Bee, Estee Lauder, The Hain Celestial Group, and Yves Rocher.

Recognizing the unmet needs and high potential of this market, many new players continue to enter. While some are developing indigenous product lines, others are opting for mergers and acquisitions.