Gentag, Welch Allyn Partner in Wireless Medical Device Deal

Published Date : Oct 29, 2014

An agreement between Gentag, Inc. and Welch Allyn was announced on Tuesday that deals with a strategic plan to further the wireless medical devices sector. Gentag deals in wireless solutions for diagnostics, personal healthcare and machine-to-machine applications. Welch Allyn, on the other hand, is a major diagnostic medical device firm that specializes in pragmatic innovations. Both the companies have decided to partner up in order to provide near-field communication (NFC) technology for medical sensors and devices. 

The partnership will not only allow the companies to continue delivering innovative point-of-care solutions, but also enable the application of these technological solutions in patient monitoring worldwide. 

Stephen Meyer, president and CEO of Welch Allyn has immense faith and hope in the partnership. He states that collaborating with Gentag will allow Welch Allyn to serve clinicians across the globe by providing smart and highly technological monitoring solutions. In addition to this, cutting-edge diagnostics will now be available to patients at a much better platform. 

Gentag’s near-field communication technology helps integrate ultrathin wireless battery-less sensors into numerous diagnostic medical devices and applications. This technology will allow medical institutions access critical patient information faster and more efficiently. 

John Peeters, CEO of Gentag is thrilled with the Welch Allyn partnership. He says that the expertise, knowledge and worldwide market reach that Welch Allyn will lend will be a huge step towards the globalization of near-field communication technology. 

The combination of technology portfolios and intellectual property is going to make wireless medical devices of superior quality available to people across the world.