New Online Database Scores Your Grocery Rankings for Nutritional Value

Published Date : Oct 29, 2014

A brand new online database named Food Scores is a proposed plan by the Environmental Working Group. This organization is intended to help consumers access sustainably produced food products locally available at stores, farms, farmers market, restaurants, and other CSA (community supported agriculture) spanned throughout the United States. 

Food Scores are based on three major considerations chiefly given to three different factors: ingredient concerns, nutrition, and degree of processing. 

Since the design of the organization is run on the basis of certified food products, quality is paramount for Food Scores. The number one ranked food product offered by Food Scores is Whole Grain Mini Bagels - Pepperidge Farm. 

It is identified as the most apt nutritional food product under low-nutritional food listings. It is an item listed as moderate processing concern, low ingredient concern and is also certified as organic product. It is high in protein per gram containing ingredients derived chiefly from wheat products. In terms of ranking it has gained a score of one. However, the product has gained a total score of 3 out of 10 for offering low-nutritional values.

According to FDA, it is considered as the major food allergens.

The information of foods is exhaustive in the market, but Food Scores only applies to packaged groceries. This online-database has limitations from Grocery Manufacturers Association – a food and beverage industry.

It has also welcomed massive resistance from a trade group organization that opposed the decision of Vermont to GMO labeling. 

The trade group has tagged the database as the ‘void of scientific rigor and objectivity’