Sports Medicine Market Research Reports and Industry Analysis

Published Date : Nov 10, 2014

The sports medicine market [ ] has undergone a revolution with the introduction of modern and high-tech medical devices, products, and techniques. Market forecast suggests that the global sports medicine market will be worth over US$5 billion in a couple of years, growing at an almost double-digit CAGR. The need for minimally invasive surgeries has led to innovative diagnostic and therapeutic procedures in the field of sports medicine. Common injuries addressed in sports medicine include calf stiffness, arthritis, flat feet, tennis elbow, chronic back pain, anterior cruciate ligament (ACL), posterior cruciate ligament injuries (PCL), rotator cuff injuries, heel spur, Achilles tendon injury, hammer toe, Morton’s neuroma, and plantar fasciitis.

North America dominates the worldwide market for sports medicine, with most of the leading manufacturers based in the U.S. However, Asia-Pacific and Latin America are considered to be the most lucrative markets for sports medicine and are expected to witness rapid growth in the coming years. Factors that drive these regional sports medicine markets include growing interest in sports such as basketball and soccer in emerging countries such as India, China, Brazil, and Korea, rising incidences of sports injuries, and increasing awareness regarding fitness and physical activity among the geriatric population. Moreover, increase in arthroscopic procedures, improvement in surgeon training, and penetration of technologically advanced medical devices and products will also fuel the growth of the sports medicine market in Asia-Pacific and Latin America.

Some of the leading companies operating in the global sports medicine market are Smith & Nephew, Cramer Sports, Breg, Arthrex, Mueller Sports, Cho-Pat Sports, BSN Medical, Biomet, Linvatec ConMed, Shock Doctor, DePuy Mitek, ArthroCare, McDavid, and Stryker. offers an encyclopedic database of reports on the global sports medicine market for those seeking to invest in the growing industry. With razor-sharp and keen insights, the reports cover the scope and dynamics of the sports medicine market and analyze the various segments and sub-segments for better understanding. Clients will find the most current research data on sports medicine that will help them plan their corporate strategy to gain a competitive edge over the rest.