Country Wise High Net Worth Trends 2014

Published Date : Nov 10, 2014

The global high net worth market is divided on the basis of countries to understand the impact of the affluent on the national economies and then on the global finance. A high net worth individual (HNWI) is primarily one with a net worth in excess of US$1 million. However, there are variations to this generalized definition of high net worth individuals. In the coming few years, country wise, the number of high net worth individuals is expected to grow at a tremendous rate. The trends supporting this rise of high net worth individuals are recovering economy since its slump in 2009, emerging markets, and booming technological advancements.

The spin-off expanding segment of high net worth individuals is growth of industries such as wealth management, technological solutions to serve the hi-end clients, unprecedented growth and innovation in the luxury goods market, additional solutions for improving wealth management, and growth of banking and finance sector to provide sophisticated services such as investment portfolio management, donation management, tax management and advisory and family business and financial advisory among others.

The reports published below details the attitudes and trends of the high net worth individuals in the coming few years. It highlights a segment of this industry termed as ultra high net worth (UHNW), which is going to be fallout of the growing affluence. The reports listed below provide a precise understanding of the burgeoning high net worth trends, with a special focus on the strengths of this sector, their weaknesses, opportunities worth grabbing, and the threats it faces. Several countries such as India, China, Singapore, and Hong Kong among others are studied in these country wise high net worth trends reports to capture the essence of several trends likely to impact the global economy in the recent future.