RF Executives Plan to Capture the Mobile Market Via Merger

Published Date : Nov 19, 2014

The planned amalgamation between Oregon-based TriQuint Semiconductor Inc., and Greensboro-based RF Micro Devices Inc., will allow this merger to grow into several areas of the industry, including the mobile markets and defense, said both the companies’ executives on Tuesday. 

Both the company officials summarized plans about their unique position to win in the investor day presentation. However, the combined name of the company will be Qorvo. 

Both TriQuint and RF manufacture radio-frequency systems that are suitable for use in wireless infrastructure, Smartphones, and other applications. Regulators in China are waiting for the execution of the deal. Both the firms have active operations and are expected to be finalized later this year.  

The companies are following up with this deal one step at a time when the entire world is exponentially increasing its demand for mobile data. This in turn will drive the demand for the next generation of network infrastructure and mobile devices.  

Such growth is bolstering new opportunities for Qorvo to cater market based solutions for experiencing technology transitions such as defense and infrastructure, added executives of the company. 

Qorvo’s basic strategy will include leveraging Department of Defense to fund seed innovation, forge industry partnerships, and enhance the growth of the product development schemes within the company. 

Executives have planned to achieve $150 million in cost savings within the next two years after both the companies merge together. Qorvo will have its benefits from staffing levels, adjusting its position and value in the global market, curbing repeated company expenses, and sharing existing manufacturing strengths and strategies.