2,500 Construction Workers to be Tested in UAE

Published Date : Nov 24, 2014

A project initiative had recently been launched in the UAE that is designed to test the skills of almost 2,500 workers in the construction sector before they gain entry into the UAE, as announced by the UAE Ministry of Labor.

The Minister of Labor, Saqr Ghobash, said the new project comes as an attempt by the Ministry of Labor towards obtaining cooperation and partnership with concerned government bodies and companies from the private sector to obtain future labor market goals. This project also includes research centers and universities, and looks for the development of the UAE’s economy with the help of cognitive development of the construction sector.

The move has been taken to empower factors that could increase the workers’ productivity and help them find decent work opportunities on their return to their respective home countries.

Ghobash also added that the 2,500 workers will be selected randomly from major labor intensive countries such as Pakistan, India, and the Philippines and will work for national enterprises in the construction sector.

The workers will be provided with professional training in their own countries as well as testing that will qualify their expertise to fill certain occupations before entering the UAE. The tests will be in complete accordance with the Abu Dhabi Quality and Conformity Council along with the National Qualifications Authority.

The project will require two years to conclude. Within this time, the Ministry of Labor will assess the project’s results and apply recommendations that will develop policies for employment. It will allow the workers to freely move between jobs with flexibility.