Indias Weapon Purchase from Israel Raises Questions

Published Date : Nov 27, 2014

Questions hang heavy in the air about India relations with its traditional military suppliers such as Palestine, Russia, and US as the country inches closer to buy more and more military hardware from Israel. Countries such as Japan, UK, France, and Israel have been following India’s military moves and purchases quite closely as New Delhi intends to gear up its defense arsenal with a big budget of US$100 billion.

However, the picture for now shows Israel to be the closest ally that is stealing the show with the big deal. The defense equipment shopping list includes 262 Barak-I air defense missiles for Indian Navy, 8,356 Israeli Spike anti-tank guided missiles, and 321 launchers.

Both the arms deal with Israel are valued at US$662 million which definitely is more than all of Israel’s exports to India in the past three years.

Market watchers have been asking question such as what happens to Russia now, which has so far been India’s largest arms supplier and how will India deal with Palestine in the coming future.

India’s demand for Israeli missile systems, surveillance, and ordnance systems come as the country needs to strengthen its monitoring of terrorist activities. These deals will fortify India’s combating abilities and its constant struggle with border violence with Pakistan and the China. Apparently, India is also seeking Israel’s cyber security project which will help the country gain better surveillance capabilities over terrorist movements.