India to Export Carabeef to Russia

Published Date : Dec 08, 2014

According to some recent talks between India’s (APEDA) and phyto-sanitary watchdog Rosselkhoznadzor, Russia has permitted the imports of buffalo meat (carabeef) from India. 

This act falls under the Ministry of Commerce and Industry of India. The move is placed a few days ahead of the Russian President’s visit to India. Rosselkhoznadzor in association with the Ministry of Agriculture of Kazakhstan has involved Indian exporters on its buffalo meat import list. 

Companies like Amroon Foods Pvt. Ltd, Fair Exports Pvt. Ltd., Frigorifico Allana Limited, Frigerio Conserva Allana Limited are included in the customs territory of the Customs Union. 

Several Indian officials have been negotiating with the Russians over agriculture and meat exports after the Ukrainian crisis led Russia to banning various food products from the U.S. and Europe.  

Officials of APEDA and Rosselkhoznadzor conducted a telephonic conversation last week in order to finalize the formalities. However, they both defined and agreed to the official terms of Carabeef (buffalo meat) export from India to Russia. 

Both the parties have also signed a bilateral protocol on the safety of the meat exports to Russia. 

India is globally the largest carabeef producer accounting 43% of the global meat production in the world. However, the exports to Russia have been trivial due to phyto-sanitary concerns.

Rosselkhoznadzor will depute its highly qualified veterinarians permanently in India to analyze and monitor the preparation and dispatch the meat for export to Russia.  

The job of the veterinarians will be to stamp and sign the veterinary certificates on mandatory basis. Expectations with Russia regarding imports of seafood products, imports of dairy, and vegetables and fruits will begin soon from India. 

Rosselkhoznadzor imposed temporary limitations on import of meat and poultry products from Italy, USA, and Germany last week. Rosselkhoznadzor will not review the restrictions until January 2015.