Two AC/DC Drivers Launched by ON

Published Date : Dec 17, 2014

On Semiconductor has recently expanded their product line for NCL3008x by launching two new series of offline AC-DC drivers with Power Factor Correction. Their new line of semiconductors includes the new NCL30085/86/88/30. The NCL30030 widens the existing solutions which support higher power topologies. Their primary purpose would be in high performance LED lighting applications.

The new line of PFC drivers are said to be small, robust, and flexible. Three of them use a PF corrected algorithm for current control. Their specialty is to handle single stage design implementations till 60 watts that need a sufficiently high power factor.

The new controllers are able to meet the requirements of high performance solutions in the LED driver and lamp market. The NCL30088 and the NCL 30085 are made available in SOIC-8 packages. SOIC-10 package is made available in the NCL30086. Each of the prices in the series start at 35 cents a unit in 10,000 unit quantities.

The controllers are perfect for SEPIC topologies and buck-boost flyback. The controllers can offer the best effectiveness across load levels and wide lines by working in the quasi-resonant mode.

The NCL30086 controller works by focusing on non isolated and dimmable constant current LED drivers. This aspect can be complimented by NCL30088 controller which is the non dimmable one.

The NCL30030 is a 2-stage power factor correction controller for both high and medium power LED lighting with applications till 50 watts. This controller is made available in the SOIC-16 package and with a pin removed for high voltage spacing.