Different Prospects of New Nuclear Power

Published Date : Dec 17, 2014

Nuclear energy was once promised as the world’s leading source to provide cheap and safe electrical power. However, The United States has led the way in nuclear research due to government finance and support. Some analysts also claimed that electricity would go meterless in the future.  

Nevertheless, things did not turn out as decided due to nuclear waste accumulation, accidents, and safety problems, and most of all – rising costs. Despite these problems, growth in nuclear power did not decline. At present, about 20 percent of our energy needs are accomplished in the world. 

Most of the oppositions to nuclear power in the world have gone too far in accusing the industry. But the need for nuclear power plants should grow stronger. As of now, the state of Delaware should expand their nuclear facility base nearby New Jersey and similarly, PSE&G should expand their base in the Salem/Hope Creek facility.  

Though the research may pay off soon, but for now, construction and investments into nuclear facilities is an expensive process. There is no solution for found disposable nuclear waste.   

For a tradeoff- transition to renewables or building more nuclear power plants is an option. The plans of expansion and update on nuclear generating stations are expected to go on. 

The process is extremely slow and moreover, in regards to the Salem/Hope Creek facility the question about early site studies remains on a serious note. Also, the PSE&G’s application states that the area’s population will exceed the present figures in seven years. New Jersey and 60,000 Delaware residents will live within 10 miles of the nuclear plant by 2081. All this could affect safety measures and other evacuation plans.