Optimism and Profitability Increases says, SurePayroll Small Business Scorecard®

Published Date : Dec 30, 2014

According to the SurePayroll Small Business Scorecard December 2014, all the small time business owners with nearly 1-10 employees are extremely optimistic about the economic conditions faced in the past two years, says the survey. As compared to a year before this, the rate has increased from 70 percent to as many as 79 percent said the optimistic survey. Businesses have also dramatically increased from a terrible 55 percent in 2012. 

SurePayroll Inc. is a nationwide leader since 2000. The company deals in providing online payroll to small-sized businesses. It releases its Scorecard every month giving unique perspective on wage data and hiring from microbusinesses which is a key driver of the overall economy. Owners of small businesses are supported with optimism that is expressed by profits and revenues.   

As per the survey, around 61 percent businesses had made profit in 2014 and 71 percent were growing towards the profitable zone in the second half of the year as compare to the first half. 

Moreover, for the year 2015, about 7 in 10 businesses are expected to increase in profitability and more than 40 percent of those plans are to hire new staff on the company payroll. 

Andy Roe, General Manager SurePayroll said for much of the year, the business saw optimism and profit in the high 60s – for it to nearly reach 80 as a significant milestone in the New Year. The rise in the profitability witnessed in the second half of the current year shows there is significant momentum in the businesses that could result into more jobs hiring for the next year too. 

According to the SurePayroll's Scorecard data an average business reflects six employees, as well as monthly and year-over-year trends data shows increase in hiring and paychecks too. 

For the current year, small business hiring was down by 0.4 percent. Other South and Western regions of the country witnessed an increase of 0.7 and 0.8 percent.